Nuevo libro: Aging and Generations in Cuba Unravelling the Care Crisis

Auteur.e.s : Blandine Destremau-Zeitz ; translated by John Angell.

Editor : Rowman & Littlefield.

Presentation :

Based on a twelve-year ethnographic study in Havana and rural areas, this book examines the current crisis of eldercare in Cuba, underpinned by advanced demographic aging. With great humanity and a lively narrative, Destremau-Zeitz shows how intergenerational households enact interdependency and solidarity in response to the many complexities of daily life and a protracted economic crisis. Beyond the multidimensional crisis of care, the author argues that Cuba is facing a crisis of social reproduction that appears specific to (ex)socialist countries but holds lessons for many of the world’s developed nations as well.



978-1-66690-463-5 (Hardback).

978-1-66690-464-2 (eBook).

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