Lecture | America is Here: Visual Culture and the Good Neighbor Policy (1940-1942)

Konferenzraum und online via Webex.

Mittwoch, 17.1.2024 17.00 h (UTC+01).

With Ana Maria Mauad.

Throughout the 20th century, Brazil and the United States engaged in numerous cultural and intellectual exchanges that shaped the narrative of the Americas. Notably, a substantial investment was made in creating cultural references that portrayed the Americas as a geopolitically unified continent, especially during the period of the Good Neighbor Policy amid the Second World War. For inter-American purposes, visual culture played a pivotal role in shaping a cultural cartography configured by Carmen Miranda’s films, the visual protocols adopted in the advertising project, and the photographs of Genevieve Naylor, the photographer commissioned by the US government through the Office of Inter-American Affairs to produce the image of Brazil as the good neighbor. […]

Lecture Series “Knowledge Production and Cultural Transfers in Trans-regional Contexts”.

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REGARDS CNRS (2024, 9 enero). Lecture | America is Here: Visual Culture and the Good Neighbor Policy (1940-1942). Redial & Ceisal. Recuperado 24 de abril de 2024, de https://doi.org/10.58079/vk21

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