Lecture | Migration and Counterfactual Speculation

Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, Simón Bolívar Hall.

Thursday, 27.6.2024, 18.00 h.

Recent years have seen a startling increase in migrant drownings in the Rio Grande, the river that serves as the border between the United States and Mexico. In response to these drownings, many artists and activists have recurred to forensic modes of representation to amplify the visibility of these deaths and the state’s reaction toward this situation. Yet, it bears asking whether the circulation of images of the dead spurs collective action. As the Nigerian-American writer Teju Cole puts it, “do we need the spectacle of corpses to make the story real?”

In this talk, Carolyn Fornoff (Cornell University, Ithaka, New York) will discuss how the Salvadoran visual artist Beatriz Cortez has taken a different tact, by using counterfactual speculation to imagine alternative forms of relation between migrants and the river. Fornoff argues that in addition to performing the work of critique and mourning, the potency of art lies in its ability to imagine otherwise. […]

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