Cambio Climático y Negocio como de costumbre: Parábola de Ciudades Rurales Sostenibles en Chiapas, México

Amsterdam : CEDLA

22 de febrero de 2019 15h30-17h00

Climate Change yet Business as Usual: Parable of Sustainable Rural Cities in Chiapas, Mexico

Aylin Topal, Middle East Technical University, Ankara

This lecture situates rural reconstruction projects, which have been implemented since the late 2000s in Chiapas, in the context of climate change and new rural development perspectives on sustainability. Aylin Topal aims to make the case that the concept of sustainability has in practice increasingly been accommodating the logic of capitalist accumulation and exploitation. In particular, rural reconstruction projects in Chiapas have been dressed as sustainable rural cities with an alleged aim to contain rural poverty, yet these projects aim at integrating local economy into the world market. The lecture will illustrate that the Sustainable Rural Cities (SRC) projects aim to make rural poverty sustainable in converting peasants into rural industrial proletariat, dispossessing them of their land to be used for more productive (i.e. profitable) aims. In the face of climate change, the concept of sustainability has been redefined as business as usual.

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