El agua y la gestión del agua en las Américas

Fecha limite : 1 de abril de 2019

Convocatorias a contribución :

IdeAs n° 15

Water and water management in the Americas

Guest editors: Vincent Dubreuil and François-Michel Le Tourneau

Deadline for contribution abstracts: April 1, 2019

Deadline for full texts: September 1, 2019

Publication: February-March 2020

IdeAs – Ideas of the Americas, journal of the Institute of the Americas will publish its 15th issue on Water Management in the Americas. The environmental dimension will be the backbone of this issue, either in its physical dimension (how do we quantify the risks and resources?) or in the approach of water-related social or political issues, taking into account the complex relationships between stakeholders at different scales. We welcome contributions from all disciplines within the spectrum of social sciences, from history, political science, international relations, economy to geography, sociology and anthropology, particularly regarding North America.

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