Democratización punitiva: proteger la democracia mediante sanciones

Amsterdam : CEDLA

6 de mayo de 2019 20h00-21h30

Punitive Democratization: protecting democracy through sanctions

We are currently at a critical juncture. While illiberal political movements and autocratic leadership are on the rise, liberal democracy is under threat in all regions of the world. Regional organizations such as the European Union and the Organization of American States are striving to keep member states complying with regional norms of democracy-protection. Can regional organizations really be guardians of regional democratic norms? Venezuela, Hungary, and Egypt are only among the most recent cases of countries that have faced some form of sanction by regional organizations for breaching liberal democracy in their domestic affairs. In this lecture and round-table discussion we will discuss the ideas behind the adoption of democracy-protection norms, their institutionalization, and how they have been put in practice by regional organizations in the Americas, Africa, and Europe.

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