Llamar al poder por su nombre: contribuciones al pensamiento y la práctica psicosocial de América Latina


14 de mayo de 2019 10h00-16h00

Calling Power by Its Name: contributions to psychosocial thought and practice from Latin America.

Convenors: Natalie Edelman, Senior Research Fellow, School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton and Marcela López Levy, Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Latin American Studies

Calling Power by Its Name will be a one-day trans-disciplinary workshop to be held in Birkbeck (London) on Tuesday 14th May 2019. Using group work based on Enrique Pichón Riviere’s ‘operative groups’, it will be an innovative mix of academic presentations and experiential discussion to explore different approaches to understanding power relations.

Presentations will be responding to these questions : How are current power relations being brought into collective awareness? Where can we see the social trauma of insecurity and fear bred by neoliberal economics and cuts in social spending? How is structural violence being made apparent? How do we support those facing intimidation and violence for speaking clearly to power? Who is bridging the individualistic narrative of burnout and anxiety and turning it into a collective experience?

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