El estado actual y el futuro de la historia latinoamericana en el Reino Unido


3 de junio de 2019 11h00-17h00

The Present State and Future of Latin American History in the UK

Convenors: Mark Thurner (ILAS-UoL) and Paulo Drinot (IA-UCL)

Co-organised by UCL Institute of the Americas and Institute of Latin American Studies.

There are more and more historians of Latin America employed in UK universities across various departments and institutes, but we do not possess a platform to discuss key matters of critical importance to the viability of our field. Although we occasionally meet at SLAS, LASA or AHILA, there is reason for a more focused platform that can promote our subfield in the wider field of history in the UK, along the lines of CLAH, which is a strong affiliate of the AHA in the United States.

The idea of the workshop is to bring us together to discuss issues that affect us and what steps we might take in the future to promote our field more vigorously. We would like to suggest a discussion over the best means of advancing our field the UK, possibly by setting up a formal association of Latin American historians in the UK.

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