Lucha por el poder en Venezuela: ¿Qué salida de la crisis?


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19 de agosoto de 2019 18h30 :

GIGA NDR Reihe “Grenzgänger” :

Power Struggle in Venezuela: Which Way Out of the Crisis ?

Foreign Correspondents Connecting with Scholars

Venezuela is troubled. More than four million people have fled to neighbouring countries by now, with a lack of basic foodstuffs and medicines present. Time and again the electricity supply will go off for days on end. One of the worst logistical and indeed state crises in the history of the country has plunged large parts of the population into poverty and destabilised an ailing political system even further. Incumbent Nicolás Maduro and leader of the opposition Juan Guaidó, the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela who has been recognised as such by a number of countries worldwide, are in a fight for political supremacy. International powers like the United States and Russia are trying to take advantage of the situation for their own gains. Afraid of being externally influenced, the Venezuelan government has consequently blocked the delivery of aid – only exarcebating the humanitarian crisis. The situation is particularly aggrevated by the country’s heavy economic dependence on oil exports. A change of government or new elections alone will surely not suffice.

How, then, can Venezuela find its way out of this crisis? Moderator Julia-Niharika Sen (moderator of the NDR TV programme Weltbilder) discusses this question with Prof. Dr. Sabine Kurtenbach (Acting Director of the GIGA Institute of Latin American Studies), Xenia Böttcher (ARD correspondent), and Kai Küstner (NDR, former ARD correspondent). They will shed light on the crisis in Venezuela from a variety of perspectives, provide insights into research practice and into reporting on the ground, as well as share their personal experiences. Together, they will not only scrutinise the situation in the country itself but also the international reactions to it – as well as the wider effects on the entire region.

A summary of the event can be accessed in the NDR Mediathek, tagesschau24 and NDR Info “Das Forum”.

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