Peruvian documentary : Daughters of Nantu

Londres : IALS :

6 de septiembre de 2019 16h00-18h00 :

Daughters of Nantu has been filmed entirely in Awajun, a native language from the depths of the Peruvian Amazon.

The film shows the history and mythology of the Awajun tribe which, according to legend, were given the gift of agriculture by Nantu, the Goddess Moon, through the women of the community, whom established a matriarchal society.

After a while, warrior men took power on the basis of their conquest of Death through killing. Since then and until now, women defy men power through their knowledge of nature and poisons, which they use in order to prove men that, while they conquer Death, women are friends with it.

Kindly organised by the Consulate General of Peru with the support of the Institute of Modern Languages Research and ILAS.

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