La vida social y política de la Infraestructura Latinoamericana: medidas, valores y visiones de futuro de la competencia


Conference / Symposium :

The social and political life of Latin American infrastructure : meanings, values, and competing visions of the future

Londres :

20 de septiembre de 2019 10h00-17h00 :

Infrastructural projects, as conduits between individuals and communities and the state, are windows through which we can view the state and people’s relationships with it. Infrastructure affects people’s identity and interconnectedness with place and others. It can generate activism and resistance and provide a catalyst for broader processes of social change, as state visions of development connect or collide with the meanings and values given to infrastructure and what may have to make way for it by local populations. The conference will, on the one hand, explore how conflict is negotiated, but also cases in which infrastructure is celebrated rather than resisted, and the opportunities, dreams and hopes that are woven into infrastructure.

Convenors: Jonathan Alderman, ILAS and Geoff Goodwin, University of Oxford

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