Redes Sociales, Coleccionismo y Usos del Pasado en el Museo Nacional de Historia de Argentina, 1890-1932

Londres :

2 de octubre de 2019 15h30-17h30 :

Social Networks, Collecting and Uses of the Past in the National History Museum of Argentina, 1890-1932 :

Carolina Mercedes Carman, Director, The Roca Museum (Buenos Aires).

This lecture will explore the founding decades of the National Historical Museum of Argentina. The creation of the museum in 1890 followed from the actions of a group of public intellectuals drawn from the social and political elites. This group collected objects from the families of the protagonists of Argentina’s independence, obtaining resources from the state for an exhibition in a public museum. Within this broad process, the lecture examines the management of its first director, Adolfo P. Carranza (1890-1914), characterized by avid collecting of ‘historical relics’ and by exchanges with ‘public men’ of the past, and the continuities and changes produced under the direction of Antonio Dellepiane (1916-1932). Under Dellepiane, attempts were made to carry out significant transformations in dialogue with the incipient process of professionalization of History as a scientific discipline, led then by the University of Buenos Aires. These transformations coincided with a new political period in Argentina, reflected in the decline of the conservative order and the rise of the Union Cívica Radical. The combined analyses of practices of collecting, exhibitions and links with other institutions sheds light on the role of the national history museum as a cultural device whose emergence reflected wider processes of political history.

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