Crisis en Venezuela y más allá: Resiliencia en la práctica desde una perspectiva transfronteriza

Amsterdam :

3 de octubre de 2019 17h00-19h00 :

Crisis in Venezuela and beyond: Resilience-in-practice from a trans-border perspective :

According to the United Nations more than 4,3 million Venezuelans have now fled the country. They primarily escape from severe deprivation and repression. Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan caminantes (walkers) now wander across the continent or depart in small boats over the Caribbean Sea in search for a better life. At the same time, many Venezuelans stay and develop strategies to cope with scarcity and insecurity.

Regional migration, temporary jobs in borderlands, informal economic activities and family networks are key to the survival of Venezuelan citizens. This seminar investigates these alternative economies, trans-border movements and their historical context in Venezuela, Colombia and the Dutch Antilles to understand how Venezuelans cope with humanitarian crisis and protracted conflict.


– Welcome by Prof.dr. Barbara Hogenboom (Director CEDLA-UvA)

– Introductory note by Lizzy Bans Nobre (Ministry Foreign Affairs The Netherlands)

– Resilience-in-practice: Crisis and movement between Venezuela and Colombia

Dr. Eva van Roekel (VU Amsterdam)

– The ‘useful islands’: Venezuelan crisis and the Dutch Antilles

Gerardo Gonzalez, MA (Center for Public Policies IESA, Caracas)

– Regional crisis and effects in Latin America

Dr. Josette Altmann Borbón (Secretary-General of FLACSO), discussant

– Discussion led by Dr. Marjo de Theije (VU Amsterdam)

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