Contemporary Indigenous Electronic Arts and Guardians of the Forest in Brazil

Londres :

12 de octubre de 2019 14h00-16h00 :

13th Native Spirit Festival – Opening Day :

Sebastián Gerlic, Thydêwá Director from Brazil and curator Dr Thea Pitman, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, University of Leeds, present Reflections – a series of Arte Electrônica Indígena (AEI) Short films made with Aldeia do Cachimbo, Camaca Imboré/Tupinambá; Karapotó Plak-o; Pataxó de Barra Velha; and Kariri-Xocó communities, and discuss the use of digital media to enhance Indigenous Peoples’ visibility worldwide. Followed by interactive Digital Body Painting.

We will also screen Guarding the Forest, a documentary Directed by Max Baring and Karla Mendes for Reuters This is Place initiative, which takes us to the frontline of forest protection with Guardians of the Forest, a Guajajara force risking their lives to defend Guajajara Indigenous territory from illegal loggers in the Brazilian Amazon.

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