Modernidades entrelazadas: La influencia inesperada de América Latina en la tradición alemana de la Bauhaus

Amsterdam :

18 de octubre de 2019 15h30 :

CEDLA Lecture :

Entangled modernities: Latin America’s unexpected influence on Germany’s “Bauhaus” tradition / Dr. Bert Hoffmann, GIGA (Hamburg).

The history of modernity is commonly told as a uni-directional one: How its concepts were developed in Europe and North America, and from there expanded to the rest of the globe. A classic case is the “Bauhaus” school, founded in Germany’s Weimar 100 years ago, and which became a global landmark of modernity in architecture, arts, and beyond. In contrast to the dominant narrative, this presentation looks at the entanglements and counter-currents inherent in the process. It looks at the “Bauhaus” from the opposite direction: Not how it spread from Germany to Latin America, but how Latin American experiences left their imprint on the “Bauhaus tradition” in Germany.

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