ERLACS July-December 2019 – Issue 108

Articles | Artículos

Sociedades rentistas: Claves para entender la crisis venezolana

Stefan Peters

The American dream in a transnational migratory circuit

Alfredo Sánchez Carballo

Grand corruption in Mexico: The convenient disappearance of an agrarian community

Turid Hagene

Book Reviews | Reseñas

Review of Neoliberalism and urban development in Latin America. The case of Santiago

Ricardo Fuentealba

Review of Kuxlejal Politics. Indigenous Autonomy, Race, and Decolonizing Research in Zapatista communities

José Carlos Díaz

Reseña de To belong in Buenos Aires. Germans, Argentines, and the rise of a pluralist society

Celeste Castiglione

Review of Slavery Unseen: Sex, Power and Violence in Brazilian History

Gregory Mitchell

Review of The Class Struggle in Latin America: Making History Today & Latin America in the Vortex of Social Change Development and Resistance Dynamics

Efe Can Gürcan

Review of Coca Wine. Angelo Mariani’s Miracolous Elixir and the Birth of Modern Advertising

Andrew B. Ehrinpeis

Review of The end of the cognitive empire

Sandra Bustamante

Review of Channeling the State: Community Media and Popular Politics in Venezuela

Matt Wilde

Review of High Mas: Carnival and the Poetics of Caribbean Culture

Sean Bellaviti

Review of Latin America Since the Left Turn

Benedicte Bull

ERLACS July-December 2019 – Issue 108

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