Autonomía indígena, liderazgo y conflicto político local en el altiplano boliviano

Londres :

5 de diciembre de 2019 17h00-19h00 :

Seminar :

Indigenous Autonomy, Leadership and Local Political Conflict in Highland BoliviaMatthew Doyle, University of Sussex :

Among the Quechua-speaking highland indigenous communities of Bolivar province in the Cochabamba department of Bolivia there exist multiple overlapping forms of local political authority, including the municipal government, peasant union and the traditional authorities who claim to pre-date the Spanish conquest. Ironically, the national project of the governing ‘Movement Towards Socialism’ (MAS) party to re-found the Bolivian state so as to include the country’s ‘indigenous majority’ has coincided with an intensification of conflict between them.

This talk will examine how legal and institutional changes that purport to further the decolonisation of Bolivian society through recognising indigenous forms of governance have served to further intra-community conflict among the inhabitants of this particular indigenous community.

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