Colonizaciones, revoluciones y reinvenciones en la América primitiva y el Mundo Atlántico 1600-1848

Fecha limite : 15 de diciembre de 2019

The 8th Biannual conference of the European Early American Studies Association will be organised at the University of Poitiers, France, December 10-12, 2020. The conference will focus on the related themes of “Colonisations, revolutions, and reinventions in early America and the Atlantic World 1600-1848.

For the past twenty years, the study of Early America and the Atlantic has reinvigorated the fields of imperial and colonial topics by focusing on the circulations of goods and people. Much current research on early America and the Atlantic world examines concepts such as « empires », « commerce », « exchange », « trade. » At the same time, the political history of the revolutionary Atlantic is often overlooked as the approach of an older historiography. A number of historians criticize the very concept of Atlantic history by focusing instead on « global » and « connected histories ». Following this trend, specialists of North America have embraced new concepts and notions to study the continent, such as « settler colonialism » and « vast early America ».

This call for papers invites established scholars, post-doctoral students and graduate students to re-examine the fundamental concept of Atlantic history in light of current research on the themes of colonisations, revolutions, and reinventions, from 1600 to 1848. It is also an opportunity to examine the history of transformations in early America and, broadly, the early modern world, by taking fuller account of scholarship on the politics of primitive globalisation. We will focus on the empires that organised European settlements in disrupting and dislocating native peoples, prompting indigenous cultures to re-invent themselves; but we will also be attentive to the processes that led to the formation of new Euro-American societies in the Americas, often shaped by the enslavement of Africans and other forms of unfree labor. In the North-American colonies, the West Indies, India, Latin America, and Africa, entire peoples and their lands were reinvented by trading companies, individual administrators, theoreticians and executors of empires, as well as by those rare voices, many of who were abolitionists, who developed a critical approach to European expansion abroad.

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