Convocatoria – Revista Colombiana de Geografía : The cities and the global environmental change

Cuadernos de Geografía: Revista Colombiana de Geografía, a well-positioned scientific journal in the Latin America context, organizes special issues around subjects positioned at the forefront of geographical science. This is the eighth issue dedicated to a specific theme and with it, we would to encourage the debate on the next challenges of our society in the coming decades as a result of different forms of incidence of global environmental change: global warming -atmospheric and oceanic-, climate change, rise of the sea level, acidification of the oceans, change in the land cover, reduction of ecosystems, decrease in biological diversity…

We consider that these changes are restructuring the distribution of goods and environmental services (water, food, energy…); the geopolitics (and the local, regional and national politics); the economy (and its flows); the population dynamics (i.e. the migration); the social relationships; and even the culture and the ideas about the nature or the society. But these challenges are also highly concentrated in the cities because: one, the population resides today mainly in the cities and that have the tendency to growth; and two, the economic activities are essentially urban and the rural dynamics depends, increasingly, of the conditions defined in the cities.

We call to geographers, but too to the social, physical and humanities scholars, to contribute in this special issue. We will receive research articles, theoretical essays and bibliographical reviews on the subject.

Thematic focus

1. Governance, urban planning and environmental change.

2. City morphology and environmental change.

3. Resilient cities and adaptation to the global environmental and climate change.

4. Ideologies, utopias and dystopias. Building cities in an environmental change context.

5. The social challenges of the cities in face to the global environmental and climatic change.

6. The rural-urban opposition. The land use change.

7. Citizenship and collective action on environ mental change.

Important Dates

1. Reception of papers and bibliographic reviews, From December 1 to May 29, 2020,

2. Initial concept of the Editorial Committee, From Jun 1 to 23, 2020.

3. Evaluation process, From June 25 to December 18, 2020.

4. Communication of accepted articles to be published. January 15, 2021.

5. List of papers and reviews to be published, Until February 28 of 2021.

6. Editorial process. From March 4 to June 28 of 2019.

7. Publication of the issue. July 2021.

lnvited Editors: Isabel Duque Franco – Jhon Williams Montoya (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)


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