Caricaturas de represión y resistencia

Amsterdam :

CEDLA Exhibition :

Cartooning Repression and Resistance’by Pedro X Molina, Nicaragua can be seen at CEDLA until 31 January 2020.

Pedro X Molina (Estelí, 1976) is a well-known and politically engaged Nicaraguan cartoonist. He was forced into exile this year when the Ortega-Murillo government violently shut down the news platform Confidencial. However, Confidencial continues to work from abroad, and Molina’s work continues to appear on the platform daily. From exile Molina scrutinizes and critiques the political situation in Nicaragua and other countries with his drawings. His work also points to the importance of cartooning in the social struggle against state-led injustice and repression. In Dutch newspaper “De Volkskrant” Molina is named and praised for his admirable work in adverse circumstances. Earlier this year, he received a prestigious Cabot Prize for Journalism from the University of Columbia. With his cartoons Molina contributes to the peaceful struggle for the realization of the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) as set out by the United Nations. For more information see:

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