Arqueología en Sudamérica: diálogos entre disciplinas, territorios e imaginaciones

Convocatoria :

Fecha limite : 15 de mayo de 2020 :

Archaeology in South America :

dialogues across disciplines, territories, and imaginations :

University of Exeter, Streatham Campus :

2 July 2020, 10.00am – 3 July 2020, 5.00pm :

The Centre for the Archaeology of the Americas (CAA) at Exeter is pleased to announce a series of events during 2020 to promote archaeological and interdisciplinary research and impact across the region. Two of those events will focus on Latin America, reconfiguring traditional disciplinary concerns within interdisciplinary discussions to tackle contemporary conflicts over natural/cultural resources.

The events will take place at the University of Exeter, Streatham Campus, 2nd – 3rd July (exact venue and time TBA). They include the South American Archaeology Meeting at Exeter (SAAME 2020), a day conference now in its second year, and The Avocado Dialogues, a PhD-led training workshop on participatory methods, with contributions from experts in participatory and collaborative research. Both events will include remote contributions by Latin American-based academic, indigenous and afro-peasant representatives. The main goal is to assemble a conceptual and methodological toolkit across disciplines, spheres of practice, and activism, grounded on the long-term memories embodied in people, places, and things.

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