Fuerzas de seguridad en las Américas: perspectivas socio-históricas (SIGLOS XIX-XX)

Convocatoria revista Apuntes Estratégicos :

Fecha limite : 31 de mayo de 2020 :

Security Forces in the Americas: Socio-Historical Perspectives, 19th-20th Centuries :

Appel à contributions pour le n. 2 de la revue Apuntes Estratégicos (EHESS-CERMA/Universida

The multiplicity of public and private security forces is a historical characteristic of the post-colonial Americas, an issue that is commonly found in other geographical regions. Nowadays, both in public and scientific debates, the most important issues seem to revolve around the problems of «the monopoly over the use of force» by the State, and the ontological dichotomy between a constant state of emergency and the inalienable rule of law. This historical plurality (reflected in many different capacities and jurisdictional spaces) calls for reflection on the process of institutionalization or de-institutionalization of the security forces, as well as on the various conceptions of security implied by this plurality itself.

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