Call for Reviews: CROLAR – Critical Reviews on Latin American Research 9(1): “Latin American Futures”

Multilingual review CROLAR “invites reviews and review essays on Latin American research, debates, policies and cultural production that address exploratory, conceptual, and epistemological questions towards Latin America’s Futures. Along with academic monographs, edited volumes, and journal volumes, we also invite reviews that examine other formats, such as blogs, fictional literature, or film.

In addition, we invite review essays that, with a specific interest, comparatively discuss a set of at least three sources, including academic books, fictional novels and online resources.
For our special section “Interventions”, we welcome essays that critically dissect how the current COVID-19 pandemic is being debated. Due to the timeliness and dynamics of the pandemic and related academic debates, these essays could ideally elaborate on diverse online sources. Lastly, we continue publishing reviews that examine works which are off-topic in our section ‘Current Debates’. Please visit our website for all further information on formats, styles and prior issues

June 15, 2020: Expression of interest (title of work(s) to be reviewed
July 31, 2020: Submission of first drafts
August 1-October 31, 2020: Review Process
November 1, 2020: Publication
More info on the call for reviews

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