Call for Papers: Brasiliana: Journal for Brazilian Studies – Dossier Culture and Politics in Brazil: a decade under review (2011-2020)

Submissions until 30th April 2021
Brasiliana : Journal for Brazilian Studies announce a call for papers for a dossier to be published in August 2021: “Culture and Politics in Brazil: a decade under review (2011-2020)”
Topics of particular interest for this dossier are:

  • Responses to the 2016 impeachment
  • Street protests and mobilisations across the decade
  • Culture, foreign policy, and diplomacy
  • Cultural wars, censorship, and polarisation in the arts
  • Dictatorship and Democracy: post-memorial narratives and negations
  • The question of citizenship to specific social groups such as Afro-Brazilians, women, indigenous peoples, disabled persons, and the LGBT community
  • Culture, Politics, and Human Rights
  • Democracy and artistic representation
  • Conservatism, militarism, and the extreme right
  • The politics of culture

Publications in Portuguese, English, and Spanish are accepted.

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