Call for Papers “Natural Resources, Extractivism, and Sustainable Development”

Until September 30th 2020
Author’s Workshop:
“Natural Resources, Extractivism, and Sustainable Development – Latin America in Global Perspective”
Thursday, 25th February 2021
Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos (CELA) University of Kassel

The proposed workshop wants to discuss the following questions with a focus on Latin America:

  • Is the Latin American experience in extracting and exporting natural resources unique and what does it share with other resource exporting regions in the world? What are regional particularities and transregional similarities of resource-driven development? In what way is the exploitation and export of natural resources linked to internal conditions such as the balance of social forces, economic and political institutions, or culture and identity, and what are international and global drivers?
  • How can patterns and models of resource-driven development within various extractivist societies be conceptualized? How do existing approaches relate to another (e.g. rentier-state, neo-extractivism, resource nationalism, neo-developmentalism, neo-patrimonialism and post-neoliberalism)?
  • What can Latin America learn from different theoretical approaches about the challenges, possibilities and limits of resource driven development models? And: under which socio-political, economic and cultural conditions is the shift from extractivism to non-extractivist self-sustaining development possible?

Contributions are invited from different disciplinary backgrounds such as history, political science, sociology and economics and from different regional contexts and area studies backgrounds. The workshop welcomes a broad range of topics, such as rent-based developments, global commodity chains and resource flows, rent-channeling, industrial policies, trade policy, social reforms and other issues related to the questions above.

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