Garibaldi in South America – an Exploration

London :

24 september 2020 16h00-17h30 :

Online :

Giuseppe Garibaldi, liberal and progressive, was called the “hero of two worlds” at the height of his fame in the nineteenth century. Before his campaigns to unify Italy, most notably his overthrow of the Bourbons in Sicily and Naples, he had spent twelve formative years fighting for a breakaway republic of Rio Grande in southern Brazil, and for Montevideo in the long Uruguayan civil war. Along the way he met his feisty wife Anita, was tortured, and fought on sea and land. Richard Bourne’s new book “Garibaldi in South America – an Exploration” will throw light on this little-known era, its aftermath, and how he is seen in South America today.

Richard Gott, author of “Guerrilla Movements in Latin America”, 2009 and former Latin America correspondent for The Guardian

Dr Luisa Calvete, Lecturer, University of Cardiff, who grew up in southern Brazil and is descended from the Ribeiro family of Anita Garibaldi

Professor Phil Cooke, Professor of  Italian History and Culture, University of Strathclyde, Chair of the Association for the Study of Modern Italy

Chair : Professor Linda Newson, Director ILAS

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