Special issue of Urban Planning: “Cities of Inclusion—Spaces of Justice”

Volume 5, Issue 3 (2020) of the open access journal Urban Planning is a special issue on “Cities of Inclusion—Spaces of Justice”, edited by Anja Nygren and Florencia Quesada at University of Helsinki, Finland.

There are several articles in this issue about Latin America.

Table of Contents

Imagining Cities of Inclusion—Formulating Spaces of Justice
Anja Nygren and Florencia Quesada

City, Nation, Network: Shifting Territorialities of Sovereignty and Urban Violence in Latin America
Diane Davis

Densification and School Segregation: The Case of Oslo
Rebecca Cavicchia and Roberta Cucca

The Refugees’ Right to the Center of the City and Spatial Justice: Gentrification vs Commoning Practices in Tarlabaşı-Istanbul
Charalampos Tsavdaroglou

Experience of Urban Hospitality: An Ecological Approach to the Migrants’ World
Louise Carlier

“They Sold Us Illusions”: Informality, Redevelopment, and the Politics of Limpieza in the Dominican Republic
Raksha Vasudevan and Bjørn Sletto

Memory in Sacred Places: The Revitalization Process of the Muisca Community
Paola Andrea Sánchez-Castañeda

Disrupting Risk Governance? A Post-Disaster Politics of Inclusion in the Urban Margins
Ricardo Fuentealba and Hebe Verrest

Pathways to the ‘Good Life’: Co-Producing Prosperity Research in Informal Settlements in Tanzania
Saffron Woodcraft, Emmanuel Osuteye, Tim Ndezi and Festo D. Makoba

Socio-Spatial Segregation and the Spatial Structure of ‘Ordinary’ Activities in the Global South
Pablo Muñoz Unceta, Birgit Hausleitner and Marcin Dąbrowski

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