Latin American Anthropology Inaugural Seminar by Arturo Escobar

London :

29 October 2020 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm :

Seminar Online :

«Against Terricide: Pluriversal Politics and Transition Design»

This talk discusses five axes or principles of redesign/ing of current anthropocentric systems towards pluriversal transitions, stemming from current Latin American theoretical and political debates. These principles concern the re-communalization of social life; the re-localization of productive activities; the strengthening of autonomy; the depatriarchalization and de-racialization of social relations; and the re-earthing of socio-technical and urban systems. The principles are seen as a response to the imperatives of selective de-globalization and of working against terricide, clearer now than ever with the Covid-19 crisis.

Convenors: Jessica Sklair (Cambridge), Natalia Buitron (LSE), Ainhoa Montoya (ILAS, SAS).

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