New book: “From ‘Bronze Rooster’ to Ekeko. Impulses toward Ethnological Provenance Research in University Collections and Museums”

This volume is an anthology from the roundtable From ‘Bronze Rooster’ to Ekeko ─ Impulses toward Ethnographic Provenance Research in University Collections and Museums, in the BASA Museum (Bonn Collection of the Americas) of the Abteilung für Altamerikanistik (Department for the Anthropology of the Americas) at the University of Bonn. Available in Open Access

Presentation of the Series:
Critical Views on Heritage of the Americas
Miradas críticas sobre patrimonio de las Américas
Elvira Espejo Ayca
Karoline Noack and Daniel Grana-Behrens
To Whom Belong the Sculptures, to Whom Belong the Masks? Colombian
Repatriation Claims to the Ethnological Museum in Berlin as a Challenge in
Provenance Research

Verónica Montero Fayad
The Path of the Bodies – Provenance Research and Repatriation of Human
Remains at the Museo de La Plata (Argentina)

Diego Ballestero
Donated, Purchased, Inherited, Investigated: Provenance and Potential of
New Acquisitions into the BASA Museum

Naomi Rattunde
For a Broader Notion of Provenance Research
Beatrix Hoffmann
“Getting Here Instead of Taking it There” Objects That Intertwine Stories ─
and People

Carla Jaimes Betancourt
The Critical Restitution of Walter Lehmann’s Linguistic Legacy
Martin Künne and Werner Mackenbach
Benin Dialogue and World Heritage – Antagonistic Positions and

Silvia Dolz
Some Afterthoughts: Where Do We Stand?
Sarah Fründt

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