Digital Americas : 48th Conference of the Austrian Association for American Studies

Call for papers for “Digital Americas,” the 2021 conference of the Austrian Association for American Studies :

Deadline : February 15, 2021 :

The conference “Digital Americas” seeks to take stock of “the digital” within the context of American studies. We understand “America” broadly here—the United States, the Americas, and the Americas’ global entanglements. We are thus interested in contributions on digital pedagogy, digital methodologies, digital culture and digital media as objects of critical inquiry, and digital scholarship.

Accordingly, topics may include (but are by no means limited to) :

– social movements and/vs. slacktivism;

– digital politics/the politics of the digital (e.g. cybercrime and cyberattacks, disinformation, election interference, the weaponization of social media);

– augmented realities and the re-conceptualization of American cities;

– video games, American myths, and “Americanness”;

– the digital and the changing character of American sports (e.g. e-sports, virtual crowds);

– film/television, digital visual effects, and the (re-)construction of space;

– cyberlabor and the digital divide separating the US/Canada from Latin America;

– moving through digital archives;

– cyberpoetry and media affordances;

– digital media, fan labor, and performance (e.g. vlogging, vidding, influencer culture);

– teaching history and/with virtual reality;

– streaming, performances, and the ongoing pandemic;

– digital media/networks and ecological questions (e.g. Google’s fiber optic subsea cables);

– digital media and/vs. representing/simulating nature;

– the cancelation of the EU-US Privacy Shield and impacts on transatlantic data transfer, data ownership, and data security (e.g. concerning research collaboration);

– digital technologies and techno-fixes to contemporary ills (e.g. de-extinction as an antidote to mass extinction, online counseling);

– Netflix parties and similar remote film/TV viewing experiences;

– and the digital divide (nationally, regionally, and/or globally; age-based, class-based, etc.)

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