CLACS Early Career Fellowship in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The closing date for receipt of applications and references for the 2021-2022 round is 14 May 2021 :

The Institute of Modern Languages Research offers opportunities for visiting scholars, with or without funding, to conduct research into any field relevant to the work of the Institute.

1. Non-Stipendiary Visiting Fellowships and Scholarships
Visiting Fellowships and Visiting Scholarships are available annually on a non-stipendiary basis, tenable at the Institute or within one of the IMLR’s research centres:

Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing
Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory
Ingeborg Bachmann Centre for Austrian Literature and Culture
Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies 
Centre for Quebec and French-Canadian Studies
Centre for Ernst Bloch Studies
Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

 2. Funded Fellowships and Scholarships in Germanic Studies (Sylvia Naish)

3. Funded Fellowships in German-Speaking Exile Studies (Martin Miller and Hannah Norbert-Miller)

4. CLACS Early Career Fellowship in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

5. School of Advanced Study Fellowships
Visiting Fellowships and Scholarships are open to applicants from the UK and overseas. Candidates applying for Fellowships should have completed their doctorate and have a strong publications record. Doctoral students may apply for Visiting Scholarships.

Visiting Fellows and Scholars currently based at the Institute

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