The Presence of America in Madrid: Presencia de América en Madrid

Call for Papers:

International Conference The Presence of America in Madrid: Art, Images and Material Culture in Transit.

Organized by: AmerMad Project in collaboration with the Royal Academy of San Fernando, Madrid.

Dates: 3-4 (or 10-11) February 2022 (exacts dates to be confirmed).

Place: Real Academia de San Fernando, Madrid.

Due date: September 20, 2021:

As is well known, during the Early Modern period, hundreds of objects, artworks, painted and illustrated documents and manuscripts were sent from the Spanish viceroyalties in America to Iberian Spain. This circulation has been the object of renewed academic interest in recent years. In response to this trend, it seems necessary to better understand the particular place that Madrid, as both city (villa) and court (corte), occupied within this broader phenomenon. We invite proposals based on original research that can contribute to advancing the current state of knowledge and explore new questions and theoretical frameworks for our better understanding of these unique objects and works of art.

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