Journal of Latin American Studies Volume 53 Issue 2 – 2021

Research Article

Amazonian Atlantic: Cacao, Colonial Expansion and Indigenous Labour in the Portuguese Amazon Region (Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries)

Rafael Chambouleyron, Karl Heinz Arenz

pp. 221-244

The State’s Developmentalist Illusion and the Origins of Illegal Coca Cultivation in Peru’s Alto Huallaga Valley (1960–80)

Maritza Paredes, Hernán Manrique

pp. 245-267

A Framework for Analysing Ecological Fiscal Transfers: Case Studies from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Gracie Verde Selva, Natasha Pauli, Julian Clifton, Milena Kiatkoski Kim

pp. 269-296

On Care for Our Common Home: Ecological Materiality and Sovereignty over the Lempa Transboundary Watershed

Ainhoa Montoya

pp. 297-322

Marxism in the Emergence and Fragmentation of Liberationist Christianity in Argentina

Pablo Bradbury

pp. 323-348

Samuel P. Huntington, Brazilian ‘Decompression’ and Democracy

Anthony W. Pereira

pp. 349-371

La Hora de la Salsa: Nicolás Maduro and the Political Dimensions of Salsa in Venezuela

Sean Bellaviti

pp. 373-396


Elena A. Schneider, The Occupation of Havana: War, Trade, and Slavery in the Atlantic World (Chapel Hill, NC: Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture and University of North Carolina Press, 2018), pp. 360, $39.95 hb.

Jesse Cromwell

pp. 397-399

Walter D. Mignolo and Catherine E. Walsh, On Decoloniality: Concepts, Analytics, Praxis (Durham, NC, and London: Duke University Press, 2018), pp. xii + 291, $99.95, $26.95 pb and E-book; £77.00, £20.99 pb and E-book.

Archie Davies

pp. 399-402

Eduardo Grüner, The Haitian Revolution: Capitalism, Slavery, and Counter-Modernity (Cambridge: Polity, 2019), pp. xix + 252, £55.00, £17.99 hb and pb; $62.20, $20.40 hb and pb.

Jean Max Charles

pp. 402-404

James W. Fuerst, New World Postcolonial: The Political Thought of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018), pp. xii + 322.

Fernando Rodríguez-Mansilla

pp. 404-406

Nicola Miller, Republics of Knowledge: Nations of the Future in Latin America (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2020), pp. vi + 304, $39.95; £34.00, hb.

David Rock

pp. 406-408

Marian E. Schlotterbeck, Beyond the Vanguard: Everyday Revolutionaries in Allende’s Chile (Oakland, CA: University of California Press, 2018), pp. xiv + 234, $34.95; £27.00, pb.

Felipe Acuña

pp. 409-411

Scott Morgenstern, Jorge Pérez-López and Jerome Branche (eds.), Paths for Cuba: Reforming Communism in Comparative Perspective (Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018), pp. vi + 400, $34.95, pb.

Anju Reejhsinghani

pp. 411-413

Kathleen M. Millar, Reclaiming the Discarded: Life and Labor on Rio’s Garbage Dump (Durham, NC, and London: Duke University Press, 2018), pp. 248, $99.95, $25.95 hb and pb.

Costanza Ragazzi

pp. 413-415

Paulo Drinot, The Sexual Question: A History of Prostitution in Peru, 1850s–1950s (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020), pp. 328, £23.99, pb.

Patricio Simonetto

pp. 415-417

Patricio Simonetto, El dinero no es todo: Compra y venta de sexo en la Argentina del siglo XX (Buenos Aires: Editorial Biblos, 2019), pp. 244, $23.97 pb.

Ernesto Semán

pp. 417-419

Guillermo Trejo and Sandra Ley, Votes, Drugs, and Violence: The Political Logic of Criminal Wars in Mexico (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020), pp. 350, £79.99 hb, £26.99 pb.

Esteban Ruiz Gayol

pp. 419-421

Gema Kloppe-Santamaría, In the Vortex of Violence: Lynching, Extralegal Justice, and the State in Post-Revolutionary Mexico (Oakland, CA: University of California Press, 2020), pp. xvi + 212, $85.00 hb, $34.95 pb and E-book; £70.00 hb, £29.00 pb and E-boo

Andrew Paxman

pp. 421-423

Rocio Gomez, Silver Veins, Dusty Lungs: Mining, Water, and Public Health in Zacatecas, 1835–1946 (Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2020), pp. 294, $60.00, $30.00 pb and E-book.

Sarah-Louise J. Dawtry

pp. 424-426


Salvador Salinas, Land, Liberty, and Water: Morelos after Zapata, 1920–1940 (Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press, 2018), pp. xii + 254, $55.00, hb.

Magnus Pharao Hansen

pp. 426-428

Journal of Latin American Studies Volume 53 Issue 2 – May 2021



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