Latin American Eco-Cinema

Bloomsbury Studio, 15 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AH:

21 September 2021, 9.30am – 6.00pm:

Environmental justice movements in Latin America have been subject to disproportionate violence and persecution by the State and international corporations, with the region being heavily affected by extractivism, deforestation, industrial pollution, and global warming. However, during the past few years there have been some signs of progress too, leading to the rights of nature being enshrined in some constitutions. How is the filmic culture of the region responding to and engaging with these struggles? How are environmental activists using film and visual forms in the service of their goals? What new narratives of environmental activism and opposition to extractivism are emerging through film and video? What aesthetic and artistic languages are developing in response to activist agendas and concerns?

Come for the screening of Forest Law (Biemann and Tavares, 2014), Daughter of the Lake (Cabellos, 2015) and Resurrection (Polgovsky, 2016), three recent activist works that document the struggle against ecocide and for environmental justice in Latin America. Screenings will feature Q&A sessions with filmmakers and activists.

The day will end with a roundtable discussion and the launch of Poetics of the Real, a book on filmmaker Eugenio Polgovsky, whose documentary about the poisoning of Mexico’s Santiago River features earlier in the programme

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