Online Lecture: Feminist Gender Wars: How Did “Gender” Become Popular?

Wednesday, 15.9.2021, 18.00 h (UTC+02, Berlin), via Webex :

How and when was the idea of “gender” created? How did it become key to public policy and international politics? Why is it rejected with such violence by some groups? In her lecture, Marília Moschkovich, PhD (USP Brazil) will approach the history of the concept of “gender” and its travels to Latin America. The first part will discuss how dialogues between feminist theories from France and the United States allowed for this concept to be created. The second part will briefly present the concept and its polysemy, discussing how the variety of interpretations can be understood as a sign of its dominant position. The third part will focus on the arrival of this concept in Latin America and the strategies of feminist researchers living and working in countries which are peripherical in the global knowledge production system, reinforcing the importance of legitimacy in the periphery for the guarantee of success in the center, and questioning the basis of the anti-gender movements.

Moderation: Dr. Clara Ruvituso (IAI; Mecila –Maria Sibylla Merian Centre Conviviality-­Inequality in Latin America)

This lecture is part of the lecture series “Diversity/Medialities” organized by the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut and the Research Area Medialities of Conviviality of Mecila – Maria Sibylla Merian Centre Conviviality-Inequality in Latin America.

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