Before and After Magellan’s Voyage – World Perceptions and Global Impacts


Monday, 1.11.2021, 18.00 h:

Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut / Simón Bolívar Hall:


Paulo Jorge de Sousa Pinto:

The 500 years of Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage provides the occasion to reflect on the global significance of the journey and the real impacts of the expedition: can we say there was “a world before and after” Magellan? How did the journey change images and representations of the Earth? Did it mark the beginning of the globalization process? What rivalry existed between Portugal and Spain and what was effectively at stake in their “quest for Asia”? These are some of the questions raised by the expedition, which Dr. Paulo Jorge de Sousa Pinto (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) will explore in his talk.

Portuguese Cinema Days in Berlin 2021

Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut

in cooperation with:

Associação 2314 – Portugiesischer Kulturverein in Berlin e.V.

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