Internships – Fondation EU-LAC

Deadline : 16 january 2022:

In four cycles per year, the EU-LAC Foundation offers three-month internships to university students who are citizens of the European Union (EU), Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) at its head office in Hamburg, Germany, giving them the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of the bi-regional EU-LAC Strategic Partnership and to gain first-hand experience in the work environment of a dynamic international organisation.

Tasks and responsibilities:

Interns assist the Foundation’s team in their daily work processes and tasks, offering them the opportunity to have relevant experience in the execution of activities related to:

  • Conceptualisation and implementation of projects in the Foundation’s six strategic lines of work

  • Organisation of events and meetings

  • Communication processes

  • Liaising with the membership and relevant partners

  • Updating and maintenance of the Foundation’s databases (Interactive Map, MAPEO, Virtual Library)

Internship Cycles/Duration :

Internship cycles at the Foundation usually last three months and are carried out in four cycles per year. For each cycle there is an application period.

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