Reconocimiento y agencia política. El caso de las madres de Soacha y falsos positivos en Colombia

Louvain-La-Neuve :

1 avril 2022 11h00-13h00 :

Lieu : Salle MORE 81 (GPLO-DROIT)

Prof. Manuel Prada Londoño. Universidad Pedagógica Nacional – Colombie

Titre : Reconocimiento y agencia política. El caso de las madres de Soacha y falsos positivos en Colombia.

Recognition and political agency. The case of the Mothers of Soacha and false positives in Colombia

La reconnaissance et l’agence politique. Le cas des mères de Soacha et des faux positifs en Colombie

(La conférence sera donnée en espagnol)

Résumé :

The purpose of this lecture is to question the role of the victim in a situation of political violence produced by State security agencies. It focuses on a group of women who have been demanding justice from the Colombian State for the murder of their children and siblings for more than a decade (from 2008 to nowadays), reclaiming their memories and taking an active part in peace-building activities. For this task, we will develop five sections: the first one briefly describes the context in which our problem is framed; then (second section) some questions related to the method of the research are presented: approach, scope, strategy for information and a brief description of Mothers and Sisters of Soacha and Bogotá collective with which the research is carried out. In the third section, some considerations are raised on the notion of victim, followed by an analysis of the stories produced by the women starring the study (fourth section), and finally (fifth section), some conclusions are pointed out. This lecture defends the thesis according to which the condition of “victim” has to be a temporary one, although its recognition is essential to claim justice; and that it has to be overcome if capacity of agency (freedom, self-determination) of the aggrieved persons is emphasized.

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