The Body as Knowledge, the Body as Quilombo: Learning with Anticolonial Feminist Thinkers

Online Lecture:

Thursday, 7.4.2022, 18.00 h (UTC+02, Berlin), via Webex:

Lecture Series “Diversity/Medialities”:

The hegemonic way of conceiving knowledge has been mostly based on written documents, books, and reports. Historically, Black and Indigenous women in Brazil have been contesting such a colonial and Eurocentric tradition, within academia and beyond. By perceiving the body as a living site of knowledge, the dichotomous thinking in which the body has been perceived as opposed to the mind, and oral histories as inferior and opposed to written documents can be put into question.

Joining a long legacy of antiracist, feminist and anticolonial theories and practices, Dr. Juliana Streva (RePLITO/Freie Universität Berlin) introduces the interplay of knowledge, body, territory and memory revisited by Afro-Brazilian thinkers, especially by the work of Beatriz Nascimento, Leda Maria Martins and Lélia Gonzalez.

Moderation: Dr. Clara Ruvituso (IAI, Mecila)

Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut

Research Area “Medialities of Conviviality” of Mecila – Maria Sibylla Merian Centre Conviviality-Inequality in Latin America (sponsored by BMBF)


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