Art & Feminism: Connecting Europe and Latin America

19 november 2022 (4 pm GMT, 5 pm CET, 6 pm EET).

24 november 2022 (5 pm GMT, 6 pm CET, 7 pm EET, 2 pm BR).

Latin America is Moving Collective invites you to participate in the following events :

Art and Feminism: Connecting Europe and Latin America

Art and Feminism: Connecting Europe and Latin America invites a discussion of artistic, bodily, and alternative methodologies to explore connections between feminism, Nature, and diaspora.  The seminars trace art in Latin American feminist practice as a medium to connect with the community. Art and care rebuild connections in a world disconnected from Nature.

The events introduce the work of global and local Latin American artivists, collectives and performers. We invite you to explore art as a tool to transcend and build collectivity and new knowledge through auto-reflection.

The first session on the 19th of November (4 pm GMT, 5 pm CET, 6 pm EET) will introduce the performance art dancer Ana Kavalis and her work. Ana Kavalis uses art as a ritual that creates a space of connection between the audience and the performer. Her work seeks to go beyond the disconnection of a mechanised everyday life and takes a stand on social, political and feminist themes. We will showcase the work “Espiritas Migrantas”, followed by a discussion and Q&A. 

The attendees will get a chance to participate in a somatic exercise from the comfort of their homes.

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The Second session on the 24th of November (5 pm GMT, 6 pm CET, 7 pm EET, 2 pm BR) will look at how art is used in collective work by showcasing the work of a community-based collective, Boas Práticas and the artistic collective Somos La Colectiva. We invite attendees to participate in reflection.  

Somos La Colectiva does art projects considering “roots”, “destination”, and “home”, combining visual and audio representation with poetry. They have published a book called “Muistikuvat” that combines narratives of Latin Americans in Finland with Art. In 2020 they took part in making the “Red Shoes” art installation in Helsinki based on the work of Elina Chauvet against gendered violence. Their artistic work has been funded by Koneen Säätiö and Kari Mattila Foundation.

Boas Práticas works with seven communities with different cultural and work backgrounds in three northeastern Brazilian states: Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Ceará. The communities explore how to create a counter-narrative to extractive capitalism through solidarity, assemblies, art, performance, poetry and ancestral rituals. The project has published publications dealing with communities’ responses to COVID, epistemic plurality, social movements and citizenship. Brazil’s National Research Council has funded their work, which took place between 2020 and 2022.

Parts of the session will use Portuguese. Attendees will be provided with a translation.

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The event is funded by Kansan Sivistysrahasto, Finland.

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