The 2022 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Brazil: Foreign Policy and Internat. Relations

Online Event Series on Brazil: Wednesday, 25.1.2023, 4 p.m. (German time UTC+01).

The Online Event Series brings together scholars from Brazil and Europe to discuss the results of the 2022 presidential and parliamentary elections in the context of the Brazilian political system, to draw a balance of the four years of government under President Bolsonaro, and to provide an outlook on expected developments from 2023 onwards.

Coordination: Peter Birle (IAI, Berlin) and Bruno Speck (Universidade de São Paulo).

Scheduled dates (German time UTC+01):

30.11., 6 p.m.: Winners and Losers of the 2022 Elections

07.12., 6 p.m.: Political Representation

14.12., 6 p.m.: Domestic Politics and Social Movements

11.01., 4 p.m.: Government and Congress

18.01., 4 p.m.: Government and Judiciary

25.01., 4 p.m.: Foreign Policy and International Relations

> Program with all dates and panelists

Further informations HERE

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