Lecture: The Consequences of Brazilian Social Movements in Historical Perspective

Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, Potsdamer Straße 37, 10785 Berlin

and via Webex.

Thursday, 2.2.2023, 18.00 h.

The widespread understanding that major social and political changes in Brazil were top-down has long kept the impacts of social mobilizations in the shadows. If analyses of social movements’ formation, institutionalization and participation form a consolidated field of research in Brazil, not much has been written about their repercussions. In her talk, Rafaela N. Pannain (University of São Paulo) presents the findings of a collective work on the consequences of Brazilian social movements that, drawing on empirical analysis of different movements and adopting a long-term historical perspective from the last decades of the 19th century to nowadays, has shown the continuous mobilization and protest activities of a wide range of social sectors and how they brought about social and political change. From the abolitionist movement to the 20th century black movement, from the guerrillas against the civil-military dictatorship to the human rights movements, from the indigenous movement to recent counter-feminist movements, the study demonstrates how movements have fostered political and social changes and also how they have influenced the conditions for future mobilization and fought for the framing of the memory of previous movements.

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